Exciting news for users of Imgur and SmugMug!

PhotoTeleport version 0.8

Finally PhotoTeleport can upload photos to Imgur and SmugMug, two popular services that could not miss from our long list of supported image sharing sites!

It should be noted that while we plan to always improve by supporting more options for each site, these two new upload plugins already support some features which will be greatly appreciated by our users: uploading to custom folders and galleries, which can also be created from PhotoTeleport itself.

Folder selection

Other changes in this version:

  • Improve handling of failed uploads
  • Flickr: sort albums alphabetically
  • FTP: write metadata into files
  • Shutterstock: upload tags
  • Read list of services from command line
  • Linux: improve .desktop file (auto-install, add MIME-types)

If you want to support PhotoTeleport’s development, please consider downloading it from the Apple store or from the Windows store (Windows 10 and newer only); or – even better – get it for free from the home page (Windows 8.0 and later, OS X, and most Linux distributions) and find your way in the Help menu to the donation links. Or just enjoy it as a New Year present from me. :-)

P.S.: As always, I’m waiting for your feedback and bug reports!