Here come some good news and an important notice. Let’s start with the good news: PhotoTeleport 0.10 has been released!

New in this version:

  • Rewritten the Google Photos plugin to support the latest API
  • Add a menu item for checking for updates
  • Linux: fix parameter handling in .desktop file

The newly added update checker allows you to check for PhotoTeleport updates without having to visit the website (which you probably don’t do anyway, given that we have RSS for these things); it doesn’t actually download anything by itself, but it will show you a link from where you can get the new version.

The other big change is the almost complete rewrite of the Google Photos plugin, and here I need to raise your attention on one point: if something in PhotoTeleport does not work, please let me know: do not assume that other people are going to do this, or that the problem affects only your installation. While I reserve the right to respond with “it works on my computer!”, it’s very unlikely that the issue affects you only. And you should not assume that every single release of PhotoTeleport is tested against all bugs: I just do a quick smoke testing before every release, but there are some upload plugins that I almost never use (Google Photos being one of those) and are therefore less tested.

Google Photos was in fact completely broken, since Google shut down the old PicasaWeb API; luckily a user alerted me, so I could fix it for everybody else too, but it’s very likely that the issue has been met (with frustration) by some other users before him. So, for the future, keep this in mind and don’t be shy!