We are delighted to announce that PhotoTeleport is finally available for purchase in the Microsoft Store!

PhotoTeleport in the Microsoft Store

And the question remains the same: Why would you care, when you can download it for free from this website?

Same question, same answer: because you love PhotoTeleport and are happy if more people sponsor its development. Being able to get some income out of PhotoTeleport is a huge encouragement to continue improving it; also, these big corporate stores offer visibility to the products they sell, and this can mean enlarging the user base: more users, in turn, means more feature requests! And even though not all the new users will buy PhotoTeleport or support it with a donation (did you know you can? Just have a look at the “About” menu at the top left of the application), some will, and even if the income will never be enough for a developer to work on PhotoTeleport full-time, they make up a strong enough motivation to spend one’s free time on it.