Sometime during last year Shutterstock switched its photo upload protocol from plain FTP to FTPS, a more secure version where all data exchange occurs over an encrypted connection. For most users this was not a big change, since FTPS is a rather old protocol which is supported by most FTP clients. PhotoTeleport, however, uses a basic FTP library that only supported unencrypted data transfers.

After some days of work, I could implement the FTPS support into the QtFtp library, and ultimately into PhotoTeleport itself. So, it’s with great joy that I announce that PhotoTeleport 0.14 has been released and supports uploading to Shutterstock again.

Unfortunately in the last couple of years I’ve not been active in photography apart from family and holidays, that’s why I haven’t been using PhotoTeleport myself and I didn’t notice that some services were not working. Another instance is VK (Vkontakte), which is now requiring clients to use a newer version of its APIs than what PhotoTeleport supports. I’ll try to find some time to fix it, so expect another release in the next few days.

But meanwhile, enjoy uploading to Shutterstock! Download PhotoTeleport 0.14, and don’t forget to report bugs!

Happy uploading! 😊