As I wrote in the previous blog post the VK upload has been in a non-working state for some time. It happened that VK changed some of their APIs in a way that caused PhotoTeleport login to fail.

Luckily adapting the code for the new APIs was not such a big effort, so it was a matter of hours to update the code and deliver a new version to you. And I even managed to squeeze in some more changes! So, here’s what changed since version 0.14:

  • VK upload works again.
  • Fixed an issue where upload metadata was lost when restoring the last upload session.
  • Remove the “Category” selection from the DeviantArt uploader (they removed the categories from their APIs)

I also gave it a try to the other uploaders, and as far as I could tell they are all working; but if you notice some issues, please don’t hesitate to report them in the bug tracker. Get PhotoTeleport 0.15 here!

Happy uploading! 😊