During the last few weeks I’ve been working on a feature which is especially helpful for those photographers who — like myself — don’t disdain spending considerable amounts of time adding metadata information to their photos before uploading.

PhotoTeleport version 0.4

PhotoTeleport is now going to save your current session (including the list of photos, their metadata, the upload status, etc.) so that if you accidentally or even intentionally close the application, the next time you start it you will be given the opportunity to resume the upload from where you left it.

Linux only

Given that producing the Windows and OS X versions takes quite some time, and PhotoTeleport developing cycle is quite fast, I decided to release this version for Linux only. However, if I receive enough requests (for example, via our Twitter account), I’ll certainly honour them.

And don’t worry: I didn’t abandon Windows and OS X users: PhotoTeleport will continue to be regularly released for thos platforms, too. It will just happen with a lower frequency.

As always, you can get it from the main page! Happy uploading!