A new version of PhotoTeleport has been released!

PhotoTeleport version 0.6

The FTP plugin which was initially released in version 0.5 for Linux only is now also available for all OS X and Windows users.

It has also been vastly improved, because now it not only supports the bare FTP protocol, but also SFTP (also known as “cp over SSH”), which is a protocol supported by most web hosting providers. That said, the plugin is still beta-quality, and there are a few rough corners which will be smoothed out in future versions.

Here’s the full changelog for the 0.6 version:

  • FTP plugin added to OS X and Windows builds
  • Added SSH support to the FTP plugin
  • Flickr: fix uploads with multi-line descriptions
  • VK: fix default album computation when changing target page
  • Fix a memory corruption issue when reading file metadata

More changes are already lined up for inclusion into the next release. But for the time being, enjoy version 0.6 and let me know should you find any issues!