A new plugin is making its appearance in this new PhotoTeleport release: we now have a simple FTP plugin, to upload your photos into your website staging area, or into your personal backup cloud.

New FTP uploader

The plugin is very simple, it just takes care of uploading your photos to the FTP server of your choice. The only available option is the selection of the destination directory, but on the other hand one shouldn’t need much more other than this. It’s FTP, after all :-)

FTP folder selection

Please note that, unfortunately, this new plugin might be much less useful than you might think: it only supports the bare FTP protocol, no SFTP or SCP. So, in order to use this plugin you need to configure your server to accept FTP connections. But do not dispair: support for SSH servers is also in the roadmap and, as a matter of fact, it’s something I plan to work on for the next release.

If FTP can be of any use to you, you are welcome to grab PhotoTeleport 0.5 from the main page. Again, like last time, the 0.5 version is available as a Linux AppImage only; if you need it for Windows or OS X, please let me know (via our Twitter account, maybe), and I should be able to find some time to make a release for you. Once the plugin will grow SSH support, then I’ll certainly make a release for all the supported platforms.

Meanwhile, welcome back to the ’90s! :-)