It was with quite some surprise that I realized that uploading pictures to Facebook was working only for me, and not for anybody else! As a matter of fact, there was a misconfiguration of the Facebook authentication which caused the upload to fail for anybody but me: it was working for me only because my account was registered in Facebook as the owner of PhotoTeleport, and therefore it had greater permissions than those granted to other users.

PhotoTeleport version 0.2

Anyway, you probably don’t want to be annoyed with these details, so let me just tell you that if you encountered issues with uploading to Facebook, this new version of PhotoTeleport is right for you!

From the main page you can download the 0.3 version for Linux, MacOS X and Windows. This is mostly a bugfix release I pushed out as soon as I noticed that Facebook uploads were not working, but it also contains a couple of other meaningful changes:

  • Facebook upload working (I guess you got this by now ;-) )
  • When switching to another Facebook account, make sure all relevant data is refreshed
  • Update VK plugin to latest API
  • Fix the application name in OS X
  • Show version number in About screen

Please give it a try! And don’t be shy to let me know in case you see something not working properly. PhotoTeleport is in its very early stages, so its user base is very small: so, don’t assume that other people must have already notified me of the problem you are experiencing: you might really be the very first one to notice it!